A leader comes in many shapes and sizes. Knowing which one you are can help you lead better.

There are commonly 8 leadership styles – we explore these:




1. Transformational Leader

Innovation and change is a big part of this leadership style. These leaders want to encourage growth and ideas within their followers.

2. Democratic Leader

This leader wants to bring in their sheep to participate. They are open to “the more the merrier” and believe that strength and growth come in numbers. They are very team led.

3. Bureaucratic Leader

‘By the book’ is a phrase that resonates with this type of leader. They want to follow a set of rules and do it right. They are not very forgiving when the rules are bent or broken. They believe that everything and everyone belongs in a box and that this is what works best.

4. Transactional Leader

With this leader, they will give but they do expect something in return. There will always be a transaction or trade taking place here.

5. Servant Leader

Some may get confused whether this person is a leader at all, as they always seem to be doing things themselves. But, their belief is that if they serve, the rest will follow in likeness.

6. Autocratic Leader

The opposite of the democratic leader – they want it all to go their way. The term, ‘my way or the highway’ comes to mind here.

7. Hands-off Leader

With an attitude that people are more capable when they are left to do things their way, this leader is very much a hands-off type of person. They give their followers the tools and then oversee that all is going according to plan.

8.  Charismatic Leader

You know this type well and their qualities are often resident in most styles of leadership. But, this character leads by magnetism.  People just want to do whatever they say because they are that charismatic.

You will know where you fit in and for some styles, there is always some improvement needed.

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