Employer of Record

Employer of Record

Employer of Record

What is an Employer of Record or EOR?


An Employer of Record is a service provider that can be of great help during your international expansion. They employ staff on your behalf in their country of residence.


Why hire in a different country like South Africa?


Your company might want to employ workers in another country for many reasons. In your own country, there might be a shortage of skills, a high cost of employment or a lack of regional know-how.



Skilled South Africans are often appointed by foreign companies for:


  • High level skills
  • Tech savvy
  • Affordable salary rates
  • A need for local know-how in Southern African or AMEA markets
  • Capitalizing on the work-from-home movement
  • Corresponding time zones – UTC+2 correlates with Europe and the Middle East
  • Good neutral business English


Not registered?


What if your company is not registered as a business entity in South Africa? No problem. An Employer of Record like West Coast EOR is a fully registered South African company and relieves you from maintaining a separate entity in another location. Our established South African entity employs these workers on your behalf.


What are the Benefits of using an Employer of Record in South Africa?


  • They employ your staff in South Africa on your company’s behalf.
  • They fulfil all the statutory requirements on your behalf.
  • West Coast EOR is registered as a South African company – no need for you to do so.
  • Since 2010 they have employed staff on behalf of international companies.
  • They draw up employment contracts and run a dedicated EOR payroll system
  • Their local labour legislation knowledge helps you navigate the local HR environment
  • They will assist with terminations, or refer you to specialized labour law practitioners
  • They advise on medical schemes and retirement provision


What will an EOR service cost?


An EOR will charge a percentage of salaries as service fees. The monthly service fee covers:


  • Employing South African employees on your behalf
  • Drawing up employment contracts
  • Paying salaries, deduct and pay over tax on behalf of workers
  • Monthly payroll and pay slips to workers
  • Monthly and annual statutory responsibilities on your behalf
  • Local expertise, payroll, statutory and labour relations advice


How does EOR workers get paid?


EOR workers gets paid in local South African Rand. Your company will stand in for cost-to-company and statutory costs.

A once off refundable deposit guarantees continuation of operations in event of unforeseen circumstances.


EOR a total solution?


When employing employees working in a different country than yours, an Employer of Record relieves you from company and statutory pressures so that you can focus on your core business. They know the total scene and can advise you accordingly.


How to find South African staff?


West Coast EOR’s recruitment arm can assist with finding and appointing local staff. West Coast Personnel has been recruiting staff on behalf of companies since 1996 and can be a valuable resource when building a South African team.



Speak to Roodt Griesel or Anthony Kettle at West Coast EOR for more information:

Email: eor@wcp.co.za

Phone: +27 21 556 2313

Time Zone: Cape Town, UTC+2, South Africa