AI, Community Platforms and Tech Giants, these are hot topics currently alive in HR and Recruitment, but are we really understanding how the game will change once these products go to market?  AI and recruitment, as a mix, are not far off from our future.


I recently attended a IBM Conference where I got some first-hand insight on AI, and other interesting products already in the market. With a smart Development team, you could basically have a system that takes/ receives specs or even generated well developed specs for you and place adverts on all job boards, especially on social media. In addition, this new system can shortlist candidates, tests candidates, personality profile candidates, choose the best option, negotiate the terms of the contract and salary, get the contract signed, and learn all your staff’s functions by monitoring everything they type, say, watch and do.


The core key AI that will apply, is to learn your function, spot weaknesses and train you, learn strengths and share them with peers and basically develop super HR staff and eventually do their jobs better than them. AI includes factors such as emotions and feelings.  It will be faster and will process data faster than that of a human.


IBM already has these products available and with a smart Development team. You can put together a highly intelligent and smooth functioning solution to make it your own.


Microsoft has just made it clear why they were so determined to beat Salesforce in the battle to acquire LinkedIn. Microsoft’s partnership with LinkedIn will see them launching a similar and intriguing system to utilise skills, anywhere in the world, at any time. Developing products like their very powerful CRM, LinkedIn Data base, AI and bots, they seem to be putting together a game changer.


Microsoft pretty much has access to a 500 million-strong workforce to tap into. Not only can you find the best person for the jobs, based on LinkedIn testimonials and more, you can order them for the job and add it to their schedule. HoloLens might just offer the solution with someone around with good enough skills to be guided through the job. LinkedIn + HoloLens = Microsoft being able to make that happen for you.


Microsoft has a colourful history with chatbots.  In 2016 it launched a chatbot that turned into a genocidal racist, and another year later they called Windows 10 “spyware”. They seem to be getting chatbot’s right and I am sure a lot of the communication of the future on social sites will be with chatbots.


It has been speculated that the giant Tech companies have their eyes on the other big platforms. It is not just a HR/Recruitment Solution. These sites plugged into the correct CRM with the correct AI and chat bots can and more likely will change the consumer market as we know it. The race is on.


If you think I am talking the future, you are mistaken. All the newly developed tech is already present and companies like Microsoft are putting the dots together.


Are HR departments and staff at risk? Is the recruitment industry at risk?


What do you think?
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