5 Reasons we are a Great Recruiter


5 Reasons we are a Great Recruiter

We have been in business for more years than we care to mention … only kidding … we love that we have been around for decades.  And, over that time, as a recruiter, we have made mistakes and learnt from those mistakes too.  We have adjusted our methodologies as we have grown and engaged with our clients and with our candidates.

We are proud of all our recruiters and handpick them according to a certain fit and skill set.

So, what makes a great recruiter?

1.  A great communicator

Because we deal with all walks of life, we insist that our recruiters be able to communicate on all levels.  Besides being able to speak to all sorts of people, they need to always keep the client and the candidate in the loop. 

2.  Confidence

Having a non-arrogant attitude is important.  Being confident makes clients and candidates feel secure in the position the recruiter is filling.

3.  A great listener

While recruiters are generally good talkers, they also need to listen.  Listen to the client so they can interpret their needs and listen to the candidates so they can ensure they place them correctly.

4.  Target Driven

The recruitment business is a business like most others where goals need to be set and targets need to be achieved.  Its cut-throat and we want our recruiters to do well so we can do well.

5.  A great salesperson

At the end of the day, a recruiter needs to sell to the client.  They need to sell the candidates to the client but also they need to sell the concept of using a third party recruiter for the process.

What makes a great recruiter?

It’s a business that requires much patience as it can be a waiting game.  Keeping one’s cool and remembering the bigger picture is key.

We believe all our recruiters fit this bill – and on that positive note, we have just given you many reasons to use us for your next recruitment process.


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