Upgrade your Company Brand to attract Talent


Upgrade your Company Brand to attract Talent

Having an Employer Brand Strategy is one of the most important elements in an organisation.

It affects current employees, potential employees and your overall image in your industry.

Here is how to create and ensure a positive, impactful brand identity:

1. Decide on how you want the outside to view your organisation

Do you want to be known for your flexibility, your professionalism, your happy team of motivated staff or your competitiveness? Decide on what your goal image is.

2. Strategise and go for that image

Now that you know how you want the world to view your company, set steps in place to get there. Don’t sit on it too long. Your brand identity may need to adapt as the world evolves. The things that are attractive today, may not seem attractive in a decade from now. Be sure to act quickly, precisely and be adaptable to change.

3. Ensure that your team is on board

You can’t be portraying “the best office environment” if you can cut the air with a knife when walking into the office.

Explain your plan to your staff – let them be a part of it.

4. Be Authentic

Don’t create an image that doesn’t exist.

Create a strategy, a real strategy, based on actual events and circumstances. If you need to clean things up before you implement your strategy, DO IT QUICK.

Your credibility will suffer if authenticity is not there.

5. Create the perfect employee Avatar

Yes, create a little make-believe version of the perfect candidates to employ. From personality to engagement to dress style. Use that as a guideline when employing new staff. They need to fit into your Company Brand Strategy.

Based on the company brand you want portrayed, the authenticity thereof and the avatar you’ve created (who should naturally be a perfect fit), you are well on your way to having quality candidates knocking at your door for an employment opportunity to be a part of your incredible organisation.

Potential clients, too, will see your value.

It’s a win-win-win 

Look into it, strategise and get the dream brand image you’re looking for!


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