Superstar candidates shine here

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Superstar candidates shine here

You’re on your 20th interview and you’re so tired of the same answers and the same defeatist attitude. How do you know when you are right in front of a superstar candidate? Do you need to go through long interviews to find them?
No, you don’t!

1. Play the game with potential superstar candidates

Ask a few questions, yes, but at a point, tell them that you don’t think they are the right fit. Then be silent. A superstar won’t leave. They won’t say, “Thanks for the interview.” A superstar will lean forward and politely tell you that they are the right fit and that they would like to prove to you that you’re wrong.

2. Spot curiosity in the superstar candidate

Has the candidate done their research? This will help you weed out the superficial applicant from the superstar candidate. The superstar has not only done their research but has formed a point of view about the company and knows what they can bring to the company – within their specific field.

3. Attractive workplace

Superstar talent will have many options, but these days more and more people are looking for more than just a salary and interesting work. They want to spend their days in a place that is the right fit for them, socially and emotionally. Foster a culture that embraces diversity, one where people can be themselves and are encouraged to do so.
Superstar candidates aren’t just good at their jobs, they push past barriers and rejection. They are able to rise to difficult occasions.
We know qualified candidates can do their jobs when things are plain and sailing. But superstar candidates can do their jobs when the world is collapsing around them. They are filled with a drive to win, not just to get things done! These are the superstar candidates you need to find for your company.
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