Slow Processes lose hot prospects

hot prospects

Slow Processes lose hot prospects

The early bird catches the worm!

You snooze, you lose!

First come, first served!

These idioms and many others like them are pretty cliché, but they are accurate to the point that we should be more aware and more wake up.

When it comes to recruitment, the buck does not stop with the candidate. In fact, the candidate is the one, very often, who calls the shots. If you’re in the market for quality and high-level talent, then you have to move fast to secure them. Waiting for that possibly better option is like waiting for the right life partner to come along. It may never happen, or you will miss them because you were looking elsewhere.


Slow processes lose hot prospects


What do I mean?

Simply, if you don’t know when a hot prospect is presented to you and don’t act fast, you will lose a good thing.

And, it all starts with knowing what you’re looking for, understanding the value in a hot prospect, and what that looks like.


What are you looking for, and have you communicated that well?


First, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, how in the blazes is the candidate supposed to know if they fit the bill? Have a clear understanding of what it is you want. Make this openly clear in your job description and be realistic about it. This will save time from the get-go and will wean out those that don’t suit.


Know what HOT looks like


From your job description to the finer and softer details, you should have your ideal candidate plotted out in your head, on paper, and certainly, in the public advert you place.  If you’re using a recruiter, then this applies as well. Another cliché idiom is “not know a good thing when it stands right in front of you.” Research your perfect candidate down to what they do for fun. All areas of their lives should be analysed. Yes, stalker 101, but it’s necessary to find THE ONE! Use technology. It has been one of the saving graces in this recruitment industry. It saves time. It helps you. Just know how to use it effectively.

Once you know exactly what it is you want, you have to have a checklist, which you then sit with each and every time you come across a potential. Literally, tick off all the elements that match your checklist. I do appreciate that you may not get them all ticked, but you have to decide what are hard yes’s, and what are hard no’s. Weigh it all up afterward and put those closest to one side for further processing.


Move quickly


A high-level candidate won’t be available for long. You are not the only one looking for them, and if someone else acts quicker than you, they will be lost. And, the last thing you want is to get into a bidding war over them. Learn to recognise them quickly and take action, i.e., offer them the job.

And, do approach your possible Unicorn with kid gloves. Again, they may have been approached by others, and you want to, first, come from a place of power, however not overbearingly so. You want to let them know you are an expert in your field, and you chose them for a reason. The reason being that they are possibly the best available candidate in their field. Do show off your company too. Impress like you were on a first date. Not too arrogant but with enough confidence to make them sit up and listen.

Now, this might sound like you are on the back foot and almost at the point of begging. Not so. You need to be clear about what you want, that you believe they are the right fit, that you want to put forward a serious offer, and that you are there to guide them through the process.

In this case, ‘slowly does it’ only pertains to slow cooking a Sunday stew.

If you are struggling with the recruitment process, please reach out and chat with me.

Anthony Kettle is the co-owner of West Coast Personnel, a successful recruitment agency that has been around for going on 21 years in the Table View, Western Cape area.  Anthony specialises predominantly in the engineering and manufacturing space; however, he has a wealth of knowledge to impart all aspects of recruitment. He has recently published his books, The Job Seeker’s Handbook and The Recruiter’s Handbook, available on Amazon as eBooks.

You can connect with Anthony via email, web, or social platforms – FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedIn 

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