What to do when you and your partner are struggling with your careers

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What to do when you and your partner are struggling with your careers

It would be so much easier if you both weren’t in the same boat.  Partners often tag off each other.  When the going is good with one, often it isn’t so good with each the other.  But, then you can rely on your partner, whether its financial, stress-related, or personal.  But, if you are both struggling with your careers, what can you do?



You may have different jobs completely, but working together, looking out for the other, can be very beneficial.  Remember, it’s in both your best interests that you both succeed.  When you out there looking for work, keep an eye out for something that would suit them too.  If you have a great idea to solve a problem, share it.



We all do things differently, and if you think you can paint their world with your brush, no matter how right you think you are, respect that they do it differently.  From the way they word an email to the way they approach a problem, hear them out, listen, watch, and maybe you will learn something new.



While you are individuals, if you find that your way isn’t working, or your career issues are affecting your relationship, ask or help.  It may be from a good friend, or it may be from a professional, like a life coach or psychiatrist.



Simple enough, but we often want to give advice.  Some of us just want a willing ear.  Find out what your partner wants and do that.    If they just want to vent, sit there, show interest, and listen. You don’t need to solve everything.  If they do ask for your advice or help, then give your opinion.  If you cannot help, then tell them so.  They may need a professional.


When you are both struggling with your careers, just take a moment out to understand the others predicament and that it is totally separate from yours.


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