5 Encouraging Ways to Manage Coronavirus in the Workplace


5 Encouraging Ways to Manage Coronavirus in the Workplace

WHO (The World Health Organisation) has declared the Covid-19, or as more commonly known, the coronavirus, a pandemic.


How does this affect those in the workplace and their sick leave?


In essence, nothing really changes – you simply follow your company’s sick leave protocol and policies, as laid out.
For employees, if you’re sick, you put a sick leave request in. If you’re required to submit a doctor’s certificate, do so.
And, above all, if you feel unwell and have any of the symptoms associated with the coronavirus, then rather stay off work.
The question that is coming up is, “what if I have exhausted my sick leave, what now?” Well, unfortunately, then it will be put in as unpaid leave, should you stay off for longer than your sick days allowed.

What we do suggest from an employers point of view is the following:


  1. Ensure you have given your staff all the information about Covid-19 so that they understand the risk and how to look after themselves
  2. Encourage sick employees to rather stay at home and where possible (especially where sick leave has been used up, set up a remote working office for them). For the most part, the symptoms are very much like having a cold or flu – and one is still able to function
  3. Be doubly careful with cleaning arrangements – in fact – have your cleaners in more often
  4. Where employees or management must travel, advise them on the precautions and where they are travelling to very high risk areas, consider delaying or postponing
  5. Limit face-to-face meetings and encourage remote access meetings via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc. One can still continue with work via these virtual methods


We are here to assist with any questions you may have that hasn’t already been communicated by the government and other parties.
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