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The best way to follow up on a job application.

The interview went well. You are feeling confident and excited. This job is yours!

But, a week has gone by and you havnt heard from anyone. What do you do? Do you email, call? Is it too soon? Will they be irritated by you? Will they be happy that you followed up?

It is always a difficult time – that period between interview and the call that will tell you that you succeeded or you failed.

So, what is the proper protocol when following up on a job application? And, should you follow up at all?

The consensus is that, yes, you most definitely should follow up. Its in the when and how that makes all the difference.

As for when, it appears, according to a study with various HR Managers, that the best time to follow up is around 1,5 to 2 weeks after the interview.

Ok, cool, so its been almost 2 weeks, now what is the best way to follow up?

1. Insider Info

Check with anyone you know inside the company as to what the talk has been. This will give you a better understanding of how to approach the powers that be.

2. Go to the top

If at all possible, get the decision makers details. That may be the HR Manager, the recruitment agency head, or the boss himself.  They will be the best people to advise you on the job application.

3. Craft the perfect email

You may not be a writer or linguist but a well crafted email can make a great impression. Ensure you include the following:
– make your subject line clear i.e. Position of Sales Consultant – Follow up
– address the person by their name
– express that you hope they are well (its just nicer to start off that way than to jump straight in)
– thank them for their time in the interview
– ask politely if they have made a decision on the position
– express in a short sentence why you still feel you are the perfect fit for the job
– end it off with a thanks and that you hope to hear from them soon
– don’t do the Yours faithfully bit – its old school – simply, all the best, and your name, will do

4. Follow up Call

So, no response after another week after your email on the job application, what now? Now, you call. Ask to speak to the person you emailed and if its a good time. If not, phone back when it is. Asking them to call you back can lead to you not taking the call, missing the call for whatever reason, and that will just frustrate the caller. You call back.

Once you have them on the line, pretty much follow a similar format to your email. Ask whether they received the email first, then let them tell you like it is.

If they say there are still busy and to follow up in another week, well, then do that. And, ask whether you must email or call.

Whether you get this job or not, you have followed a polite and non-invasive process.

While you may not have succeeded here, keep pushing on and keep following up in this same way.

Good Luck in your job hunting!

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