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We know why companies put these end of year office party things together. They want to thank you for your hard work in the year and get the employees to socialise other than on a work level.

We understand, but many find this time of the year and the social aspect of an office party with colleagues stressful. The mix of finger foods, eating etiquette (or the lack thereof), alcohol and finding something to talk about other than work, can cause high blood pressures and serious phobias.

So, how can you survive that end of year office party?

You want to be part of the office fun, but still keep face and professionalism, so here’s how.

1. Consider how alcohol affects you

If badly, then rather err on the side of caution, and don’t have any. While we know that it will loosen you up and help you to relax, it can go pear shaped if you have too much. If you can handle your liquor, be sure to stick to one type. Mixing drinks doesn’t work for anyone.

2. Take someone with you

If your office party allows partners, then take someone with you that you know will unfreeze the crowd and help you to blend in nicely. They can also keep you company when there is a lull in the conversation.

3. Think of pieces of conversation starters before hand

if you don’t find it easy to start up a conversation, make a list of topics that others would find interesting, and that will spur on a debate. It is also safer to steer clear from religion, sex and politics. These subjects always tend to stir up the blood and generally never end well. Stick to topics around entertainment, business, relationships and more importantly, things that you know well.

4. Keep it professional

While it is easy to lay it thick on the friendly-mode and of course, alcohol will spur that on, keep it professional. You have to face these people on Monday again and you don’t want to be labelled the party animal, wall-flower or worse.

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