Feedback to the boss


Whether it be about a project or something you are personally not happy with, it is important to give feedback to your boss. Otherwise, how else will they know what the issues are?

We realise that its not an easy step to take, but, at the end of the day, we are all adults and talking about any problems we have should be easy. If your boss can give feedback to you, then you can reciprocate.

Giving feedback should be valuable and insightful, to both your boss and yourself. You want to walk away feeling like you added value and that you have taken a step in the right direction. Feedback can build your relationship with your boss and even help you to help to grow your career.

Here are the ways in which you can give feedback to your boss and ensure your feedback is constructive:

1. Have a Plan of Action
Having a strategy on how you will give feedback to your boss is paramount. You simply cannot just waltz in there and blurb out a bunch of complaints, demands and accusations. List all that you need to talk about in a systematic fashion. Give examples as to how the issues or non-issues can either be resolved or improved.

2. Schedule the feedback session
Do not just pop in, expecting your very busy boss or manager to just have a spare half an hour for you. Schedule the time in their diary and tell them what it is you are wanting the meeting for.

3. Think of your End Game
Know why you are giving feedback and let the end to your session have a resolution, a way forward, an end game. You want to achieve something by giving feedback, no matter the topic. You want to get a result, so think about what you want following this meeting.

4. Have Solutions
To present a bunch of problems is one thing, but to not have possible solutions or action plans to resolve them, is going to be your downfall. If the issues can be aided by fellow colleagues, then pull them into the meeting, explaining before hand what its about, and give them chance to come up with solutions.

5. Be respectful and polite
Thinking things through beforehand should calm you somewhat, especially if the issues are emotive. Take time to get yourself to a calmness and then go in to discuss. No good things came from heated conversations.

To give feedback to your boss is a necessary evil, but it can be handled in a professional and constructive manner.
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