How Employees Manipulate

employees manipulate

How Employees Manipulate

There is no doubt that we all want things to go our way. We all want to know that when we do something, it will turn out right and benefit us singularly. And, there is no doubt that employees manipulate in order to get what they want.

As the manager, boss or head of a department in charge of employees, you have to know what that looks like. You have to know how to counter when employees manipulate.

How Employees Manipulate and how to manage them


Many employees will try to use any means possible to get a favourable outcome for themselves.

They will even make it out as if it’s your fault. The key is to stay calm. Always remember your place and that people are watching. When you go off on a tangent and rant about, it doesn’t look good to anyone looking in, no matter whether you feel your actions were justified.

Employees will very often document things closely so to produce evidence. Make sure you do the same. When employees manipulate on a regular basis, they get very good at it.

And, part of that “skill” is to keep records. Be aware and keep your own. Generally, you can see a pattern forming. When you recognise it, start making those notes, with dates, times and keywords that will alert you to the repeating pattern.

Have compassion. Yes, even bullies need that. Be aware of all the circumstances and whether they are handling the situation well.

There may be mitigating reasons why they have felt the need to manipulate. And, there may be another way for them to get what they want or need without manipulation involved. Try to understand and help them make the right choices.

When employees manipulate, they often don’t realise they are going against company rules and culture.

Remind them and often so to help them do things differently. Where they accept they have done wrong and want to amend their ways, reward and respond favourably, but with grace and dignity.

If you are struggling with the recruitment process or handling employees, please reach out and chat with me.

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