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No way around it – you have to work, and for a good part of your life, and mostly this will be for someone else. So, you may as well make the most of it, and be happy!
Easier said than done, especially if you are not working in a job that you like, if what you’re doing is not your passion, and if the conditions are not good.
But, it really does come down to attitude and perception.

What do we mean?

The way that you look at something and the way you perceive it can change your mind about it 100%. Finding the meaning and value in every task, every action and every moment, can release you from the chains of negativity and unhappiness. This doesn’t only apply to work but in life in general.

But, let’s start with work, as you will be spending most of your adult life here.

First, ask yourself why you are there. It could be a means to an end i.e. pay the bills, ensure your family doesn’t suffer, or you’re studying and need a job. Or maybe its a stepping stone in your career path.  Those reasons, whatever they may be, should be a motivation for you to move through your workday with easier steps.

Then look at each and every task you take on. What meaning can you find in the task itself? Sure, it may not add value to you directly, at that moment, but the task is a stepping stone in a bigger pond. The business you work for needs that task to be done and to be done well in order to complete a puzzle. Your input is part of that puzzle building, and in the end, fulfilling an integral need the business has. You are an important element in that project.  Getting that will help you on your way to happy.

You need to look at the job at hand, and even if someone else could do that job, you have to do it so well, that you know no one could have done it better. In that way, you have put yourself at the top of the food chain. You have become indispensable to the company when you offer value, even if it is through a mundane and boring task.

Your input can also have positive repercussions that will affect other people in the business. Most activities are part of a team effort even if you never deal with the other people. There is rarely an activity that requires only one single input. Writing an order needs to then go to the person that will place the order, then to the one that will pick the order, check it and on to delivery. Mundane as it may be, you are all cogs in a working machine.  Are you going to be the happy part of this process?

Attending a meeting where you feel inadequate and useless could be because you are not adding value. Before the meeting, think about how you can add value. What can you bring to the table? How can you leave the room afterwards having them wonder where that came from and when will they see more? You can be your own worst enemy and making a difference is always up to you.

There is always a bigger picture. Find that bigger picture and know that all the smaller paint swipes are just to build up to the finished artwork.

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