Are you in a dead-end job?

dead-end job

Are you in a dead-end job?

Do you need some motivation to get out of that dead-end job?

Look no further, we have some right here for you … motivation that is …


  1. Staying in a job you hate can be bad for your health

Stats show that those that keep on plodding day to day in a job that they don’t like, often get sick more often, have long-term health issues, and sometimes end up depressed.  Now, that is enough to help you get your butt off that seat and move on!


  1. Waiting can make it just much harder to find a job

It’s an obvious one, but the longer you hold out, the harder it will be to find a job.  Employers want to know why you stayed there for so long in that dead-end job – while it’s not good to job hop, staying in a job that leads you nowhere, doesn’t look good on a CV.


  1. There are many avenues to help you find that right job

Today, there are a vast array of platforms that you can take to applying for jobs.  Online websites, apps, LinkedIn is a great one, and you don’t even have to get up for any of this … until the interview that is.


  1. Procrastination is not a value

The world wants go-getters and the only person holding you back is YOU!

Starting the process just takes one click, one phone call, one movement in the right direction.  Once you start that ball rolling, the rest will follow.


Don’t be that guy or gal that moans constantly about their dead-end job but does nothing about it.  Your location, your travel arrangements, your expenses, your partner, your age, etc. etc.  They all don’t mean a thing – there are ways to work it out.  But, you have to take that first step.

Speak to a friend who seems with it and a mover and shaker.  Get advice from columns.  Apply with a recruitment agency.  Take an hour out of each day to surf the net for jobs that would suit your experience, your qualifications and culture.

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