company culture


Company Culture – the buzz word of the decade!


But, what does it mean and why should you be focusing on it?


If you take only one thing from this then know that a hostile, negative environment is not a good place to be. Developing a company culture needs to address that, first and foremost.


However, in creating a company culture, you need to also look at your, the owners, personal values.


If you haven’t already gone through this exercise, I suggest you do this first. List what you consider your top 5 values in life and convert those into working values for your business. There are obvious ones, that should be … well … obvious, such as integrity, honesty, ethics, but you can dig deeper and find others that speak to your unique value system.


5 Elements that you need to ensure you apply, once you have your company culture values intact, are:


1. Be upfront about what your company culture is about – right at hiring stage

Employing the people that fit your company ways is vital to sustaining good staff. You can ask certain questions that will let you see just whether they mix well with you, your business and the other already established employees.


2. Let existing employees know what the company culture is all about

Maybe you have worked about-face and only now decided what it is your company values are. Well, don’t leave your workers in the dark. Tell them, make it clear, and even consider visualizing it on your entrance wall or as a screen saver on their computers.


3. Let your team know that they are a team

Many businesses exist in an island scenario, with management sitting so far away from the rest of the people, that they cannot bridge the gap. And, we don’t mean literally only here. We mean in terms of actually connecting and engaging with staff. If they feel isolated, then they wont do justice to your business and they certainly won’t stick around long.


4. Be the voice

You cannot expect others to follow a methodology you have instilled when you don’t live it. If you want openmindness, then you need to show you are openminded. If you insist that there be a casual, you-can-talk-to-me-about-anyting attitude, then don’t be slamming doors in your staff’s face. Live by what you profess are your company values.


5. Communicate it over and over again

Make your company culture an integral part of everything you do, and bring it into meetings, projects, client liaisons, and all that your business gets involved in. Reiterate the values whenever you get the chance, lest anyone forget them.

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