Fruitful Recruitment Steps to Follow


Fruitful Recruitment Steps to Follow

Recruiting the right employees is possible when you follow these recruitment steps:


What do you want to achieve through this process? Besides finding the perfect candidate, how much do you want to spend? Is this for a new position or are you replacing someone? These all can make a difference to how you approach the process. Other areas to look into are when do you want to secure this employee by? You should be setting deadlines so that the process doesn’t carry on for too long.

Also look at where you will find these candidates. Will you use an online platform or going via a recruitment agency?


This pertains to:

1. The job profile

Ensure you have listed all the requirements for this position and don’t forget to make it not only specific but attractive. To attract good quality candidates, you want to present your company in a good light and also what you can offer the potential candidate.

2. The interview process

Know exactly what it is you want to cover, what you want to ask and what responses you want to hear.

3. Qualifications and Skills

What will they need in order to do the job well? Think not only about their professional qualifications but also their hard and soft skills.

4. Attitude and Drive

What kind of attitude will help them perform well? And, do they have what it takes to push through in adversity and tough times?

5. Cultural Fit

Do they fit into your company culture? There are many questions you can ask to ensure they do.

If you’re struggling to plan this out and need some help, consider reaching out to West Coast today.Fruitful Recruitment Steps to follow Fruitful Recruitment Steps to follow


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