Career Issues – Don’t know what career you want yet?


Career Issues – Don’t know what career you want yet?

Don’t worry – most still don’t know what career they want.


There has always been pressure on the youth to know and find that perfect career. Yes, some are lucky enough to step right into a job that they see through for their entire lives. Is it the job of their dreams? Maybe not, but they make a good run of it and it serves them well.


Others just never find that one thing … ever! And, it can be painful to watch.


But, what if some people were not meant to do one thing? What if there was benefit in having mini-careers? The Millennials seem to have hit the nail on the head there – moving around from one job to another, exploring options and seeing what works best for them. Is there merit in this sort of focus? Is it focus at all?


Well, if you look at the billionaires of the world, they have mostly touched on various careers in their lives. Sure, there was one that was like gold and made them who they are today, but many of them will tell you they had no idea what they wanted to be for the longest time.


If you’re there and you just can’t seem to pick one – don’t! We are not saying flitter around from one profession to another, but consider what different angles you can go to with what you love and enjoy doing.


Some tips:


  • Think about what you love to do – is there a gap to turn it into a career?
  • Look at what others are doing which you aspire to – see whether you can ask them to be your mentor and become their apprentice
  • Take a skills assessment – see what you are actually good at
  • Research those areas where you feel an affinity to and see how you can better yourself within those avenues
  • Find a mentor or life coach and explore opportunities and ideas – they are there to guide you and sometimes that is all that is needed
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